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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I pay cash upon delivery?

A: No. we only accept payment via Major credit cards and Paynow prior to confirmation of your orders.

Q: How many days in advance must I make my orders?

A: We provide same-day deliveries. You can make an order up to 3 days in advance too.

Q: Can I order via WhatsApp/FB/Instagram ?

A: We only take in orders via our website and confirmation of orders will be sent to your registered email. However, you can WhatsApp us @81186318 if you require any assistance.

Q: How do I start earning Reward Points?

A: Register as member to start earning reward points.

Q: Do I enjoy Reward Points whenever I purchase via your website?

A: Yes, you will earn one reward point for every dollar spend.

Q: How much does one reward point worth in terms of monetary value?

A: One reward point is equivalent to S$0.05. Technically, it means 5% rebate when you use your reward points for your next purchase via our website.

Q: How many Reward Points can I utilize for my purchase?

A: A minimum of 100 Reward points, and in steps of 100, to a maximum of 400 Rewards points can be utilised for rebate for each of your online purchase.

Q: Can the Reward Points be converted into cash?

A: No. It can only be used to rebate for your next online purchase with us.

Q: Can I use the Reward Points for in-store purchases?

A: No. Reward points are only be allowed to use for purchases via our website.

 Q: Is there an expiry date on my Reward Points?

A: Currently no expiry, subjected to changes without prior notice.

Q: How do I know how much Rewards points I have accumulated?

A: You can login to your account, select “Rewards”.

Q: I noticed that your durians are priced based on 600gram box at a fixed price. Why?

A: Fixed pricing durians come with a guaranteed amount of flesh, while per kilo pricing includes both husk and flesh and the amount of yield is always inconsistent. Hence, the fixed pricing for a fixed amount of flesh is for transparency purposes as customers won’t be able know the exact weight of the durians with husks since they are not on-site while we de-husk the durians.

Q: How much durian flesh can I expect based on per kg pricing (with husk)?

A: As a general rule of thumb, 22% to 25% flesh yield is expected. i.e. 220-250 gram of flesh per kg (with husk). However, do note that cultivar such as red prawn and Ganghai will have lesser yield.

Q: If I walk-in to you shop, can I buy based on per kg prices?

A: Yes, we sell based on per kg prices to all our walk-in customers as they are able to see the total weightage of their purchases.

Q: I have placed an order for D13 durian, but the durian you delivered is D24 durian. Why is it so?

A: One of the reasons you are given different durian cultivars compared to the cultivar you ordered is mainly due to the quality of the durians (either too watery or unriped) as we only de-husk the durians prior to delivery. Rest assured, we will only replace similar taste durians to you and it will be equal or higher value durians than the one you ordered.

Q: Will I be compensated or offered a replacement if durians are unripe, partial unripe or have a sour taste, etc?

A: Kungfu Durian provides 100% quality assurance to all our customers. In the event that durians are not of good quality, we request that you send us photos of the affected durians within 2 hours of delivery via email us at Do quote us your Order Number at the subject title. Upon verification on our end, we will fully replace the affected durians (if affected durians are more tha 50% of a 600Gram Box) and deliver to you free of charge within the next seven working days. For affected durians that are less than 50% of 600Gram box, we will top up for the same amount for your next purchase We request that you keep the affected durians in exchange for replacement ones. Do note that there will be no refund on affected durians, only replacement.

Q: How much is the delivery fee if my order is $120 and above?
A: There is no delivery fee and we deliver island wide except Jurong Island, Sentosa and Tuas. For Woodlands, Yishun, Sembawang, min. order of $80, delivery fee will be waived.

Q: How much is the delivery fee if my order is less than $120?
A: Flat delivery fee of $12 is levied for island-wide deliveries except for restricted locations such as Jurong Island, Sentosa and Tuas.

Q: Do the durians come with husk when delivered?
A: No. We will de-husk the durians and pack them into sealed boxes, as our motorcycle delivery riders have limited storage space.

Q: Can I request for durians to be delivered with husk?
A: Yes. The minimum quantity for delivery of durians with husks is 10Kg. However, there will be an additional $10 charge. This is because we need to engage car/van drivers instead of motorcyclists to deliver.

Q: When will durians be de-husked and packed before delivery?
A: To ensure freshness, we only de-husk and pack the durians prior to the delivery.

Q: Can we make advance delivery orders a week ahead?
A: Unfortunately, our system currently only allows orders three days in advance. But you can always email us at, WhatsApp message or call 8118 6318 to arrange.

Q: Do I enjoy further discounts if I order in bulk for parties?
A: Yes, contact us at, WhatsApp message or call 8118 6318 for a quote. Our service manager will be in touch with you.

Q: What modes of payments are accepted in your website?

A: Major credit cards and PayNow.

Q: How do you know that I have made the payment if I choose Paynow?

A: Please provide the order number as reference when making payments via PayNow.

Q: Can I cancel my order even after payment has been made?

A: We do not allow cancellations for same-day deliveries. However, you are allowed to cancel the orders at least 24 hours in advance from the selected delivery date/time. For eg, you can cancel your orders before 5pm on 1st May 2020 for delivery/self-collection scheduled between 5 and 7pm on 2nd May 2020. We will make a full refund to you based on the payment method you used within 24 hours from cancellation time.

 Q: How do I notify you if I want to cancel my orders?

A: You can WhatsApp us @81186318 or email us with your Order Number as reference.

Q: Do you provide durian parties to large corporations, government agencies etc?

A: Yes, we are in the Government Enterprise Business (GEBIZ) platform and we have successfully done many mid to large-scale parties catering to crowds of up to 500 pax. Check out our Events Tab for details

Q: Besides durians, do you provide other fruits and durian products for our events?

A: Yes, it can be arranged. Kindly email for a friendly quote.

Q: Do you offer promotions for small gatherings or package deals?

A: Yes, from time to time, we do have very attractive package deals and complimentary delivery as a form of appreciation to our loyal customers who have supported us throughout the years.