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Delivery Island wide

Delivery Island wide

Catering Services

Catering Services

Freshly Dehusked

Freshly Dehusked

Same Day delivery

Same Day delivery

Durian Home Delivery Singapore

We've all been there.

It is a lazy Sunday afternoon and your durian cravings are suddenly triggered because you haven't had them in a while. But you had a tiring week and you can't find it in you to leave the house to satisfy your durian cravings since it is a Sunday.

Thanks to our delivery services in Singapore, you can enjoy some juicy and succulent fresh durians in the comfort of your own household!

We offer delivery services in SG islandwide. Spend more than $98 and you can enjoy free delivery at any available 4-hour time slot of your choice.

Need your durians in a hurry? We have express 1-hour time slots for you to choose from at only $9.90!

Fresh Durians to Keep You Satisfied All Year Round

Sadly, the durian season only occurs from June to September each year. But you can enjoy the king of fruits even during the offseason simply by keeping them tightly sealed and refrigerated.

Here at Kungfu Durian, we'll help you keep your orders fresh!

All online orders will be carefully dehusked and tightly sealed so that you can enjoy the freshness of the durian whenever you wish. You could also store them in the refrigerator for future use and they will taste just as fresh.

Make sure you finish each box within 2 days if you put it in the chiller or 3 months if you put in the freezer to get the freshest taste and the smoothest texture. Our boxes are freezer-friendly. You could also shop our frozen durian range. They are vacuum-packed so as to preserve the freshest taste and texture.

If you are looking for durians to make durian desserts, we are happy to lend a helping hand. We have purees and frozen ones that are available for delivery too!

Fresh Durian Delivery for Every Durian Lover

There is a plethora of durian species - each with its own unique taste and texture.

Here at Kungfu Durian, we have an extensive catalogue for every taste bud. You can look forward to sinking your teeth in local favourites like premium Mao Shan Wang or the rare but unique S17. There is something at our online store for everyone.

Our Promise to You

Quality is the cornerstone of our products and services. Not only do we take pride in bringing you only the cream of the crop, but we also want to provide the best durian delivery services possible. That's why we channel extra effort to ensure all deliveries are promptly received.

Nothing makes us happier than hearing about how our fellow durian lovers in Singapore enjoy their own durian feasts at home. Make sure you tag us on Facebook and Instagram to show us how you are feasting!


Durian Home Delivery Singapore

Kungfu Durian is run by durians lovers like yourselves, after experiencing years of being over-charged with poor quality durians, dealing with dishonest durian vendors, eating durians under hot and unhygienic conditions.

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