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Durian Delivery To Tampines 

Are you having difficulties finding durians in Tampines?

Shopping for durians can be challenging. Pushy sellers try to over-charge for inferior quality durians at times and you will need to know how to select them to avoid getting ripped off. You aren’t allowed to take them on buses or trains which makes durian shopping a hassle even in a big district like Tampines. Even if you drive, your car will smell of durians for days.

That pretty much means you’ll have to find a durian seller within walking distance, which might limit your choices and prevent you from fulfilling your craving.

Kungfu Durian is here to help. We offer an extensive range of durian varieties in our e-store and provide 1-hour express delivery to Tampines that is free for orders above $98.

Stock Up On Durians In Tampines

Durians are widely available from June to September but might prove elusive during the off-season. Fresh durians will last about 5 days while the frozen “meat” of durians can be stored for up to two months without losing any nutritional value or flavour. Our wide selection of frozen durians come dehusked for your convenience.

Both frozen durian and puree packs are available on our e-store. Most bakeries and businesses use durian flavouring for paste, but any durian lover will know the difference between artificial flavourings and the pure durian fruit.

Our pureed durians are made from 100% fresh fruit. Hand-peeled under the strictest hygiene standards and painstakingly prepared, our pureed durians will let you enjoy the beloved King of Fruits throughout the year. You can use pureed durian in cakes, smoothies, or to make durian puffs. Check out some of our favourite durian dessert recipes here.

Kungfu Durian offers 1-hour fast delivery to Tampines for $9.90. Shop now at our e-store and enjoy free delivery for orders over $98. Enjoy durians in the off-season in your own home in Tampines now!

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