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Red Prawn 600g

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Find Fresh and Frozen Red Prawn Durian in Singapore

Ever wondered how 'red prawn' durian got its name?

'Red prawn' durians neither taste like prawns nor are they in any way related to seafood. On the other hand, they have a slightly pinkish colour and curved shape that resembles cooked shrimp.

These durians share many similarities to D13 durian. They are bittersweet and have a sticky and gooey texture. But what makes the red prawn durian unique is its colour. They are much rosier than the latter. Their husks are also browner and have smaller and sharper tips.

If you are looking for the best red prawn durians in Singapore, you have arrived at the right website because we at Kungfu Durian have only the cream of the crop.

From red prawn durians to others like Musang King, we offer them at the most competitive prices. As durian lovers ourselves, we want to spread the joy that the king of fruits has brought into our lives.

Why You Shouldn't Ignore Yummy Red Prawn Durian

The first durian that comes to mind would probably be Mao Shan Wang or D13 as you can find them in loads of desserts from durian cake to durian pengat. But don't miss out on the red prawn species!

Unlike other durian species, red prawn is a lot sweeter. You would be surprised just by how distinct the sweet flavour is.

If you are planning to use our durians for desserts, why not give red prawn durian a try and cut back on other added sugars? Instead, let the sweet flavour of the flesh take over.

Order now and enjoy the freshest durians in Singapore.

Place of Origin: Penang, Johor
Colour: Dark Orange
Taste: Sweet and sticky


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