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Pahang Premium Highland MSW 600g

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Get Your Mao Shan Wang Durian at Affordable Prices

Everyone knows that the juicy durian is the king of fruits. But every empire needs a ruler.

That king is none other than the most prime of the kings of fruits - a highly-prized, extremely sought-after and succulent durian - the grand and finger-licking Mao Shan Wang (MSW) Durian.

When it comes to durians, the MSW durian might be the first species that comes to mind. And it is no surprise why - its juicy flesh, bittersweet taste and small seeds make it a hot seller amongst durian lovers and even chefs! You can find MSW durian in numerous desserts in Singapore. Also known as the Musang King durian or black gold durian, these gems of fruit are the epitome of perfection.

If you are looking for a place to buy Mao Shan Wang durian at a reasonable price, Kungfu Durian is the place to do so. We have a full stock of fresh and frozen Musang King durians at affordable prices. Take a look at our catalogue today!

MSW Durian Trivia

The term "Mao Shan Wang" literally translates to "Cat Mountain King" from Chinese to English. As the name suggests, this durian is unlike any other. It is perhaps one of the most well-known and marketable.

Sticky, gooey but also bittersweet, you never know what to expect when you sink your teeth into some fresh MSW durian.

Many chefs in Singapore put a sweet twist to the king of durians. You can find desserts from MSW ice-cream, MSW cake and so much more.

Smooth like butter, this durian is perhaps Singapore's most coveted species with many durian lovers eyeing it.

Why Should You Buy from Us?

As one would expect, since MSW durian is so popular, you can find it almost everywhere in Singapore.

So why should you shop on our online platform?

Simple - commitment to freshness.

As durian lovers ourselves, we are all about giving you that unique and mouth-watering taste that only fresh Musang King durian can provide. That's why all stocks of ours are carefully packed in airtight containers so that they retain their freshness. You can keep them in the fridge and they will taste as good as new when you break the seal.

Furthermore, we provide FREE islandwide delivery in Singapore for purchases above $120! 

Place of Origin: Pahang

Colour : Golden yellow flesh

Taste: Buttery, Creamy with intense Bittersweet taste

Spike: Pyramid Thorns


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600Gram Box - Recommended for 1-2 pax-sharing

600Gram of pulp is equivalent to approximately 2.4kg with Husk.

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*Photos are for illustration purposes only. All fresh durians will be packed in sealed air-tight boxes and delivered according to orders.

*Durians are subjected to availability and will be replaced with equal or higher-value durians when necessary.


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