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Frozen Blackpearl 600g

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Vacuum-Packed Frozen Blackpearl Durians Singapore

Are you a fan of creamy textures and bitter and sweet flavours?

Then you are going to love blackpearl durians!

There is a myriad of durian species; each with its own unique flavour and texture. We at Kungfu Durian offer a full catalogue of vacuum-packed frozen durians as well as fresh durian packed in airtight containers. Order from us and we’ll deliver your orders to your address in Singapore. Browse our catalogue of fresh and frozen durians!

How Do Blackpearl Durians Taste?

If you are a fan of foods with subtle bitter tastes like coffee and green tea, blackpearl durians will definitely satisfy your taste buds. Unlike sweet durians, these durians carry with them a unique bittersweet taste.

Originating from Johor, our blackpearl durians are pale yellow with a slightly bitter taste. They are creamy and buttery.

These durians taste similar to the jaw-dropping and popular Mao Shan Wang.

One thing that makes them unique is the small seeds. You would be surprised by how puny they are and how much flesh there is – a perfect bargain for a durian lover.

Also known as "Hei Zhen Zhu" in Chinese, blackpearl durians are probably one of the most valuable stocks during the durian season. If you are thinking of trying them out, make sure you get your hands on them quickly because there are going to be tons of durian lovers eyeing them!

Vacuum-Packed Frozen Durians for Maximum Freshness

Whenever a new order comes our way, our team makes sure the frozen durians are securely vacuum-packed so that it retains its freshness until you break the seal and enjoy the durian feast.

That's right, we work hard to ensure your blackpearl durians are as fresh as they can get when you defrost them. Our vacuum packs remove all the air inside to ensure the durian retains its natural flavour and texture. You could enjoy them frozen or defrost them.

Our fresh durians, on the other hand, are packed neatly in airtight containers for maximum freshness as well.

Order Vacuum-Pack Blackpearl Durians Now

Feeling hungry yet? You can enjoy same-day delivery if you MUST have your durian craving satisfied today. We will send it to your location, or you can buy directly from our physical store.

We look forward to serving you!

Place of Origin: Johor

Colour: White with black tones

Taste: BitterSweet with small seeds. Creamy


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