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XO Durian 600g

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Fancy a beer on a Friday evening after a long week of hustling hard at your workplace? Enjoy having a glass of wine or two to go with your fancy dinner at a lavish restaurant?

Then you are going to absolutely adore XO durian!

Some of us commemorate the end of a week with celebratory alcoholic drinks with colleagues and friends. If you are a fan of the unique taste of alcohol in these beverages, XO durian will definitely satisfy your taste buds.

Aside from having a distinct bittersweet 'alcoholic' taste, XO durian is heavily fermented and extremely soft to hold. They are paler than your average durian, too. It was named after XO, or Extra Old, a type of brandy that has a unique rich taste.

Feeling hungry? We have you covered. Order from Kungfu Durian anytime and we will deliver your XO durian to your local address in Singapore. You can enjoy FREE islandwide delivery when you spend above $120. 

Not Your Typical Durian Seller

At Kungfu Durian, we set ourselves apart with our passion for the king of fruits. As durian lovers ourselves, we want to do our part in providing fresh and high-quality durians to facilitate bonding amongst fellow durian lovers. After all, food has a way of bringing people together. Durians have a special way of uniting diners with similar tastes and preferences.

Furthermore, we are proud to have an extensive catalogue of fresh and frozen durians. Besides XO durians, we have other premium species with similar bittersweet tastes. On the other hand, if you are a fan of sweeter durians, we have that and more readily available for you to satisfy your durian cravings.

Since durian season only takes place from May to September each year, we also offer a full range of frozen durians that are carefully vacuum-packed for long-term use. You can enjoy your XO durians offseason simply by defrosting these frozen ones. On a hot day, you can even enjoy them frozen for a refreshing treat. They taste just like the real thing - order now and try it yourself!

Our Continuous Commitment to You

Rest assured that all durians will be thoroughly checked and securely packed before they are sent to your address. We aim to provide nothing short of a fantastic experience. Order now and let us bring you the most tantalising XO durians you can find in Singapore.

Place of Origin : Johor

Colour: Pale white

Taste: Slight Bitter with alcoholic aftertaste


Island-Wide delivery

100% Quality-Assured Guaranteed!

1-1 Replacement Guaranteed!

600Gram Box - Recommended for 1-2 pax-sharing

600Gram of pulp is equivalent to approximately 2.4kg with Husk.

*Subject to Terms and Conditions. Please refer to our FAQs. 

*Photos are for illustration purposes only. All fresh durians will be packed in sealed air-tight boxes and delivered according to orders.

*Durians are subjected to availability and will be replaced with equal or higher-value durians when necessary.


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