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D13 600g

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If you love bittersweet and enjoy desserts, you must try the D13 durian.


Well, simply because D13 durian has a sweet flesh that is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Originating from Johor, D13 durians are also known as the 'kampung' breed with a sticky texture. It is perhaps one of the many highly-sought-after durian species with a bright orange flesh and large seeds which makes it easier to enjoy.

If you are looking to sink your teeth into these mouth-watering fruits, look no further than Kungfu Durian to get them!

As durian enthusiasts ourselves, we are all about letting you get the best stocks. We will dehusk the D13 durians once your order is confirmed and pack them neatly in airtight takeaway boxes so that you can get the freshest and most authentic taste possible.

Did we mention that we also provide islandwide delivery? Simply order online and we'll pack your orders neatly before sending them to your location (subject to available time slots).

Best of all, we provide competitive prices because we want you to enjoy a feast while making the biggest bang for your buck.

Order online and get your durian fix today!

How to Organise a Durian Feast

Whether you are a fan of D13 Durian or even the pristine Mao Shan Wang, durian feasts are a great way to facilitate communal bonding over a shared love for the king of fruits.

The most important part of the feast is, without a doubt, having a fresh batch of durians ready for you and your guests. At Kungfu Durian, we provide same-day delivery services as well. You could also order a few days ahead of your durian feast as we pack all fresh durians in airtight containers so that they retain their maximum freshness once the seal is broken.

What's a feast without refreshments? Since durians are a little on the 'heaty' side, you could serve fresh lemon water or even Chinese tea for your guests to wash down the umami flavours before reaching for another piece.

Committed to Serving You

Besides boasting an extensive range of D13 durians and more at reasonable prices, we want all customers to enjoy the ultimate durian experience.

Shop today and enjoy first-class customer service and the tastiest durians you can ever hope to find in the lion city!

Place of Origin: Johor

Colour: Deep burnt orange

Taste: Sweet but not very strong in taste and less fibrous


Island-Wide delivery

100% Quality-Assured Guaranteed!

1-1 Replacement Guaranteed!

600Gram Box - Recommended for 1-2 pax-sharing

600Gram of pulp is equivalent to approximately 2.4kg with Husk.

*Subject to Terms and Conditions. Please refer to our FAQs. 

*Photos are for illustration purposes only. All fresh durians will be packed in sealed air-tight boxes and delivered according to orders.

*Durians are subjected to availability and will be replaced with equal or higher-value durians when necessary.


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