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100% MSW Puree 1kg Pack

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100% Pure Mao Shan Wang Durian Paste Singapore

If you want to savour the freshest and most authentic durian flavour, you'd want to sink your teeth into the 'rawest' version of the fruit. And yet, there is a lot of work that goes into making durian dishes that capture that distinct flavour.

First, you have to ensure you get your supplies from a reliable supplier. Next, you would need to peel the flesh from the seed by hand (and resist the temptation to gobble it as it is) which can be pretty time-consuming. Finally, you might have to mash the durian by hand to maintain the freshness of the durian flavour.

No doubt durians can be pretty tricky to work with - especially since they are only in season from June to September - that's why many bakeries and businesses opt to buy readymade durian paste instead.

However, commercial durian paste does bring with it some inconveniences. Often, the paste is not made from real durian but artificial durian flavouring instead. Furthermore, the distinct durian flavour can sometimes be masked by added sugars.

If your business is looking for a platform to buy legitimate durian paste in Singapore, we have a solution. At Kungfu Durian, we have 100% pure Mao Shan Wang durian paste ready to be used to cook any dish. You could buy them fresh or frozen and still get the same level of freshness.

3 Well-Known Desserts You Could Create with our Durian Paste

Whether you are procuring supplies for your bakery or just thinking of creating your own durian desserts, you can rest assured that our durian paste will give you that burst of umami flavour.

Here are 3 ways you can use our durian paste:

  1. In cakes: you could use the durian paste to flavour sponge cakes by blending them with your cake mixture or making a flavourful durian mousse for a layered cake. Alternatively, you could use the mousse to garnish the cake
  2. In puffs: try combining the durian paste with whipping cream to use for durian puffs
  3. In smoothies: blend the durian paste with yoghurt or milk for a quick and easy breakfast smoothie. Feel free to add a cup or so of protein powder if you want to build more muscle

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