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Mao Shan Wang Delivery

It’s no surprise that Mao Shan Wang remains one of the most popular durian varieties in Singapore. Renowned for its bittersweet flavour, small seeds and creamy flesh, once you have one bite of Mao Shan Wang, it’s almost impossible to stop yourself from finishing the whole thing. But rather than having to hunt through Singapore’s countless marketers to find a reliable Mao Shan Wang vendor, simply order online from Kungfu Durian. 

Also known as Musang King or Black Gold durians, most durian-lovers consider Mao Shan Wang to be the standout variety. Alongside its smooth and sticky texture that makes it particularly good for transforming into culinary treats like ice-cream and cake, ensure you’re getting your hands on the very best fruit by ordering through Kungfu Durian. 

With our team loving durians just as much as our customers, we know how to pick the best Mao Shan Wang to send out for delivery. Featuring fast same-day delivery and reasonable prices, we’re the go-to durian delivery service for Singaporeans who take their durians seriously. Don’t believe us? Order online or visit our flagship store in Joo Chiat Place to organise your next durian takeaway extravaganza.

Fast Mao Shan Wang Delivery Across Singapore

If you want to have a decadent meal at home with a big serving of Mao Shan Wang, you don’t have to leave behind the comfort of your home to buy some potentially substandard fruit. Let Kungfu Durian come to you as our fast and reliable durian delivery service ensures the freshest Mao Shan Wang arrives right at your door. 

Kungfu Durian can cater to large-scale events, having helped our customers organise successful corporate events and parties for up to 500 guests. Get in touch with our helpful team to learn about our bulk discounts on Mao Shan Wang where possible.

Delicious Mao Shan Wang Durians Delivered

Make sure your Mao Shan Wang lives up to expectations by purchasing through Kungfu Durian. No matter where you live in Singapore, our fast and trustworthy delivery service means you won’t have to wait to feast on these wonderfully opulent treats. Packed in sturdy boxes and vacuum-sealed for absolute freshness, our Mao Shan Wang durians are simply delicious. 

Place a minimum order of $98 to receive free delivery with a 4-hour time slot. Meanwhile, we also offer express delivery for a flat rate of $9.90 with a 1-hour time slot. If you find yourself near the East Region, drop by our popular store along Joo Chiat Place to shop in person.

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