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Express Durian Delivery Across Singapore

If you’ve got a strong craving for durian, having a reliable way to purchase the so-called King of Fruits is hugely important. There’s nothing worse than battling through Singapore’s many wholesale markets to find a suitable vendor, only to discover that the fruit doesn’t live up to expectation when you finally get home. 

This is why Kungfu Durian is one of Singapore’s most popular durian delivery services, as our highly professional service ensures customers get outstanding durians delivered straight to their homes in record time. Featuring a comprehensive online store, Kungfu Durian offers delicious varieties, including Mao Shan Wang, Red Prawn, Golden Phoenix, Black Pearl and many more. 

Ready to organise an express delivery? Kungfu Durian offers an affordable flat rate of $9.90 with a 1-hour time slot. Alternatively, every order with a minimum spend of $98 receives free delivery with a 4-hour window. Plus, if you’d prefer to purchase in person, you can visit our flagship takeaway store situated along Joo Chiat Place.

Dependable Durian Delivery Islandwide

At Kungfu Durian, we understand how seriously customers take this spiky fruit. This is why we only dehusk our durians when they’re ready to be handed over to our delivery drivers. We also pack your fruit into sturdy boxes so that it remains safe and sound throughout its journey. Plus, we vacuum-seal every order so that your durians arrive with incredible freshness.

Alongside these rigid standards, we make it our mission to ensure customers living across Singapore receive durians that live up to the hype. Our extensive express delivery network ensures we can sufficiently serve the entire island, meaning you won’t ever have to worry about commuting to the market just to buy a disappointing product. Order online with Kungfu Durian and experience the difference today. 

Choose Kungfu Durian for Fast and Reliable Delivery

If you happen to be in a rush to get exceptional durians, order for express delivery with Kungfu Durian today. We stock a massive range of much-loved durian varieties, as well as specially made durian-based treats that are bound to impress your guests. With a reasonable delivery fee that applies to the entire island, there’s no way faster to get top-notch durians delivered straight to your home. Plus, you can always visit our store along Joo Chiat Place to get tasty takeaway. 

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