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Durian Delivery Simei: Creamy & Fresh Durians to Your Doorstep

Kungfu Durian knows the pain of buying pricey durians that are just not very delicious. You take one bite and you know: your cravings won’t be satisfied. With Kungfu Durian, you don’t have to be disappointed when it comes to durians anymore. Simply select the durian variety you prefer, whether the premium Mao Shang Wang (MSW) or the lesser-known, equally creamy S17 Durian. With the click of a button, you can savour the delicious, sweet, yellow flesh of durian.

Types of Durians

We offer a range of different durian types. Prefer it sweet, thick and creamy? We have you covered with the D101. It’s similar to Mao Shang Wang and so is sometimes mistaken for it. Rather the subtle, light and bittersweet flavours? The Black Pearl is right up your alley. Originating from Johor and also sometimes known as Hei Zhen Zhu, it has pale yellow flesh.

Ensuring Durians Stay Fresh

To ensure your durians stay in their freshest state, we de-husk the fruit right before it is delivered to you in  Simei. We then pack the flesh in air-tight containers, sealing it securely. In this way, we ensure the quality is preserved. Prefer to have durians de-husked in front of you? Once you meet the minimum order required and with a small top-up fee, you can!

Durian Delivery to Simei

We deliver durians island-wide, including to your neighbourhood in Simei. A small delivery fee of $9.90 will be charged to you, in order to offset the labour of our durian delivery riders. If your total order exceeds $98, delivery is free. Buy in bulk and share the love of durians with your neighbours!

Order Durians with Kungfu Durian

Order a box of a durian variety that suits your taste right to your door. Choose from our wide selection of durians. With our fast delivery services, you can enjoy flavourful, quality durians in the comfort of your home in Simei.