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Durian Delivery to Serangoon

There’s never a bad time to organise your next durian delivery with Kungfu Durian. Rather than dealing with unreliable durian vendors in Serangoon selling low-quality fruit, our fast same-day delivery service is dedicated to picking the best of the bunch as we swiftly get them to your front door. With all of your favourite types of durian available for order, simply place your order through our website and we’ll get straight to work on exceeding your expectations. 

There’s nothing worse than digging into a durian only to quickly discover that it’s bland and underripe. That’s why we commit ourselves to only choosing the best fruit to send out to our customers. Meanwhile, we also make sure to keep your durians well-protected during their delivery, so they always arrive in perfect condition. This means packing them in sturdy boxes with the fruit vacuum-sealed inside to ensure unbelievable freshness.

With our durian delivery service able to be organised up to three days in advance, we’re ready and waiting for your order online. But if you do decide to leave the comfort of your home, we’d be happy to serve you in person at our flagship store in Joo Chiat Place.

Fast Durian Delivery to Serangoon and Beyond

Got a big occasion coming up and want to make it an unforgettable experience? Ordering a durian banquet is one of the best ways to impress your guests. Whether you serve durians on their own or transform them into a delicious dessert, Kungfu Durian is on-hand to cater to events both big and small. Naturally, we also love to save customers the hassle of leaving their homes to find a reliable vendor in Serangoon. Use our fast delivery service to have fresh durian ready and waiting for the precise moment you want to feast.

Enjoy Rapid Delivery with Kungfu Durian

If you love the King of Fruit just as much as us, you likely know exactly what separates a great durian from a mediocre one. That’s why Kungfu Durian is dedicated to providing our customers with incredible quality fruit every chance we get. If you’re on the hunt for durian in Serangoon, stay comfy on the couch and let us come to you. Our free delivery is available on all orders over $98 with a 4-hour window, plus our express service is offered for a flat rate of $9.90 with a 1-hour time slot. 

If you find yourself within touching distance of Joo Chiat Place, don’t forget you can drop into our takeaway store for the same great experience.

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