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Durian Delivery to Jurong West

Living in Jurong West might be a relaxing experience, but it’s not always the easiest place to find high-quality durians. Fortunately, Kungfu Durian offers fast and affordable durian delivery to Jurong West as we look to get this incredible fruit into as many hands as possible. Rather than leaving behind the comfort of your home to commute to an unreliable durian wholesaler, place your order through our website and let us come to you. 

With Kungfu Durian, you can be certain that you’ll receive fresh, perfectly ripe durians that equal great value for money. We understand how frustrating it is to receive an inferior quality product, so we do everything in our power to deliver outstanding durians every single time. This means we pack your order into durable boxes to prevent damage during delivery, while we also vacuum-seal every order to ensure your fruit is incredibly fresh when it arrives.

Order your favourite varieties online and our drivers will arrive on-time with your package. As we offer fast islandwide durian delivery options ranging from same-day to up to 72 hours in advance, we can make sure you get tasty durians whenever you want them. Keep in mind that you can also organise takeaway from our popular store in Joo Chiat Place.

Fast Durian Delivery to Jurong West and Beyond

There’s no need to head to the markets when there’s a stellar delivery service like Kungfu Durian available. We stock a wide array of durian varieties to ensure our customers have every chance of getting their hands on their favourite King of Fruits. So whether you’re ordering from home or work, it’s super easy to place your order online and know that it’s going to arrive quickly at your door. 

We’re also capable of catering busy corporate events and parties. Having previously organised enough delicious durians to satisfy up to 500 guests, get in touch with our team if you have a special request and to learn about our bulk discounts.

Get Tasty Durians Delivered Quick with Kungfu Durian

Kungfu Durian is the ideal choice if you’ve been looking for a fast and reliable durian delivery service. As we deliver to every corner of the island – from Jurong West and Yishun to Pasir Ris – we’re excited to provide the world’s best durians at an affordable price. 

Simply order over $98 to receive free delivery with a 4-hour window. If you have an urgent durian request, we also provide express delivery for a flat rate of $9.90 with a 1-hour time slot. Make your booking online or visit our store in Joo Chiat Place to organise takeaway.

The Yellow Flesh of Fury

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