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Durian Delivery to Hougang

It’s never been easier to get delicious durians delivered right to your door in Hougang. Kungfu Durian offers a remarkably fast and reliable delivery service that saves you from spending your spare time hunting through dubious wholesalers, only to find when you get home that your fruit is soggy and tasteless. Don’t compromise your standards just because these are the kind of durian vendors that operate near you. Instead, order online with Kungfu Durian and discover how easy it is to get high-quality durian with barely a moment’s notice.

If you catch yourself yearning for your favourite variety of durian – don’t simply ignore your feelings. With the help of Kungfu Durian, you can enjoy a superior durian feast whenever the desire strikes. All you have to do is head online to place your order. Before you know it, we’ll have your request packaged inside durable boxes for protection and vacuum-sealed for freshness. Thanks to our outstanding same-day delivery service, your durian will rapidly arrive at your door ready to feast upon.

If you do decide to step outside your home in Hougang, we also have a conveniently placed flagship store located in Joo Chiat Place. For dependable durian delivery and takeaway in Singapore, Kungfu Durian can’t be beaten.

Fast Durian Delivery to Hougang and Beyond 

Known as the King of Fruit, durian makes the perfect delicacy for a luxurious feast. Whether you’re celebrating a fancy event with friends or organising a corporate function that needs to impress your clients, Kungfu Durian can ensure your event is a rousing success. Don’t waste valuable time driving all over Singapore in search of a reliable vendor. Instead, get wonderfully fresh durian delivered right to you by placing your order through our online store. Get in touch with our friendly team if you’d like to place a bulk order.

Experience Kungfu Durian’s Rapid Delivery

As durians are such special fruit, they deserve a truly incredible delivery service. Kungfu Durian takes pride in providing our customers with a high-quality fruit that tastes great every single time. For fast durian delivery to Hougang, simply shop our reasonably priced online range. We offer free delivery on all orders over $98 with a 4-hour window, while our express service is offered for a flat rate of $9.90 with a 1-hour time slot. Alternatively, check out our bustling takeaway store in Joo Chiat Place.

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