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Durian Delivery Dover: Creamy & Fresh Durians to Your Doorstep

Feeling like having some fresh, creamy durian fruits after lunch? Tried the shops around your home and find that they’re either too pricey or not tasty enough? Kungfu Durian gets it. We’ve been there and with our fast delivery service that sends delicious, buttery durians straight to your door in Dover — we help you satisfy all your durian cravings!

Types of Durians and Other Products

Our durians cater to the full taste spectrum, from sweet to bittersweet, rich and creamy to mild and subtle. For those who love rich decadence, try the  Mao Shang Wang (MSW), a variety native to the Malaysian state of Pahang. If a more subtle taste is preferred, the Black Pearl, originating from Johor, is made for you. Kungfu Durian also carries other type of durian products. For durian desserts like durian puffs, cupcakes or chiffon cakes, our durian pureé is the ingredient you need. If you’re looking for something to go with your waffles, try our MSW Gelato.

Ensuring Durians Stay Fresh

At Kungfu Durian, we stand by the quality of our durians. We ensure that at every step of the journey, its freshness and taste is preserved. After we receive your order, we then proceed to de-husk the durians and package them in air-tight containers. Properly sealed, they arrive at your door, waiting to be devoured. We also adopt a 100% quality assurance and so, in the event that you receive fruit that is unripe or sour, we provide a replacement — no questions asked.

Durian Delivery to Dover

Have durian fruits, durian ice-cream or durian pureé delivered to your home in Dover. If you place an order with a total of $98, the delivery fee ($9.90) would be waived. Order and distribute some to them to your family to make their day!

Order Durians with Kungfu Durian

Enjoy delicious durian ice-cream with your pancakes or some sweet D24 in the cool comforts of your home. Kungfu Durian offers same-day, island-wide delivery of a variety of durian types. Contact us for more details. Good quality durians are an order away, get your box today.