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Durian Delivery Boon Lay: Order Fresh Durians Straight to You

Sometimes the hunt for the perfect durian doesn’t yield the results you want. Kungfu Durian understands all your durian problems — and we want to fix them for you. We aim to deliver fresh, creamy durians to you in Boon Lay. Apart from the all-time favourites, Mao Shang Wang (MSW) and D24, we have other lesser-known varieties like Golden Phoenix and Black Pearl. We also have durian MSW Gelato and durian Pureé for you to enjoy.

About Kungfu Durian

Kungfu Durian is a labour of love, and was started by durian lovers who simply wish to spread the joy of good durians. After encountering pricey durians of poor quality, we took matters into our own hands. The result? An efficient durian delivery service that brings all types of delicious, sweet, creamy durians straight to your home.

Ensuring Durians Stay Fresh

Here at Kungfu Durian, we’re particular about quality durians. We know what it’s like to eat durians that are not fresh or tasty, and we never want that for you. Our quality assurance policy ensures you don’t have to eat a bad durian again. If you think they’re unripe, not fresh or sour, simply snap a picture and send it over to us! We’ll have a pack of delicious, fresh durians delivered to you within seven working days — no questions asked. De-husking right before delivery and air-tight sealing in our packaging also ensures your durians stay in their freshest state.

Durian Delivery to Boon Lay

We deliver durians to Boon Lay on the same day you order at a small fee of $9.90. If you wish to order in bulk, with an order amounting to $98, this delivery fee is waived. Order for your neighbours or your loved ones and delight them with a box of delicious durians!

Order Durians with Kungfu Durian

Enjoy MSW, D24 or other durian varieties like Meiqui or Old Lady or Black Thorn. Place an order on our website or WhatsApp us. If you would like to know more, reach out to us. Kungfu Durian’s fast durian delivery services will let you enjoy delicious durians in Boon Lay now!