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Durian Delivery in Bishan

If you live in Singapore, you will be familiar with the sight of spikey durians appearing every other month in heartland areas. This, fellow lovers of the green thorny fruit, is called the durian season. For most purists, the process of savouring the durians starts with visiting the stall, meticulously picking out the right fruit – or fruits – and cracking the husk open, right there and then. 

These days, durian delivery services are gaining popularity. No longer do you need to lug the heavy fruits from the stall to your home. Additionally, you can also rely on online reviews to do a fast check on the reliability and quality of the fruits before you make your purchase. 

Whether you are staying in Bishan or elsewhere, you can now enjoy feasting on durians in the comfort of your own homes.

Choosing the Right Durian

It can get intimidating when you try to select your durian when the seller is pressuring you to make a fast decision on the spot. Things like durian-buying etiquette and intense haggling are some reasons why many people have turned to online durian sellers to choose and deliver these fruits to their homes. But if you still prefer the traditional route of visiting the stall, here are some durian choosing tips to consider:

1. Scratch the stem

If scratching the stem reveals a fleshy and leaf-green interior, it is a sign that the durian has recently fallen from the tree within the last 24 hours. A darker stem usually points to a durian that has been harvested much earlier.

2. Smell the durian

The top husk is much thinner than the bottom, so smelling the stem or top part of the fruit can reveal its freshness and taste. If there is no smell, this usually means that the durian is unripe; likewise, if the aroma is too intense, the fruit is usually overripe.

3. Tapping the husk

You may have seen durian sellers doing this. The action of tapping the fruit indicates its ripeness. The seeds within will loosen up as they ripen, causing a drum-like sound when tapped due to the hollower centre.

Convenient & Fast Durian Delivery to Bishan

If you are still worried about picking out the durians yourself, let us help you. At Kungfu Durian, we select the ones that are high quality to ensure you get the best. You may visit our durian stall to see the selection process in person, or visit our e-store to choose from a wide range of fresh durians, durian products and other fruits. We provide same-day delivery to Bishan and around the island, and even express 1-hour time slots to cater to urgent orders. Now, get the durian feast on!

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