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5 Ways to Start Falling in Love With Durian

5 Ways to Start Falling in Love With Durian


“It was love at first bite.”

It sure was for us with durians, but that might not be the case for you. 

Maybe you can’t stand durians, or you are indifferent to them. Perhaps no matter how hard you try, you just can’t bring yourself to enjoy its flavour or smell. Hey, that’s okay — we’re here to help. 

We love durian, and we want to spread the love in the hopes that everyone can come to appreciate it too. Read on to discover our tips on how to start falling in love with the almighty king of fruits!


1. Start With a Sweeter Variety


There are
a ton of durian varieties out there, and each type has its own unique textures and flavours. Durians like Mao Shan Wang may be the most renowned, but it isn’t necessarily the most beginner-friendly type of durian. It possesses a bold, bittersweet flavour that can be quite a punch in the face for those struggling to love durian. 

Instead of making a beeline for the most popular types, we’d recommend you ease into it by starting with sweeter, milder-tasting varieties first! Durians such as Red Prawn, Hor Lor, D1, and D13 are perfect if you have a sweet tooth.


2. Choose the Right Durian For YOU


Everyone’s taste buds are unique, so everyone will naturally have different preferences for durian. Just because a particular type of durian is your friend’s all-time favourite doesn’t mean you are going to love it too. Even the craziest durian lovers may have certain varieties they may never learn to like. 

Durians range from sweet to bitter, creamy to fibrous, and strong to light in flavour. It can be helpful to do a little research on how each variety tastes or ask your durian seller for recommendations. Once you find the type that hits your sweet spot, you will fall head over heels in love!


3. Indulge in Durian-Flavoured Desserts


How do you get kids to start eating vegetables? By disguising them in foods that the child likes. 

How do you start loving durians? By eating durian-flavoured versions of your favourite desserts! 

It’s a bit of a cheeky approach, but don’t knock it till you try it. Durian goes perfectly with all sorts of creamy desserts. You can find durian cakes, durian ice cream, durian cream puffs, and more in Singapore. Treat yourself to a durian dessert or two and, before you know it, you might find yourself craving for durian!


4. Get Your Durian From Trusted Sellers

Freshness and quality have a huge impact on how a durian tastes, and an enjoyable flavour is essential for you to start appreciating durian. Part of it is knowing
how to choose a ripe durian, but another is to make sure you buy from experienced sellers. There’s nothing worse than being sold a rotten durian or being overcharged for a poor-quality one. 

When you buy from trusted sellers like Kungfu Durian, you can be confident that you are getting high-quality durian that is ripe, fresh, and finger-licking good. Our #1 goal is for our customers to enjoy durians to the fullest, so we strive to deliver only the best when you order our durians online!


5. Visit a Durian Farm


Durian plantations are where the magic happens. By
going behind the scenes to learn about how durians are grown, you may gain a newfound appreciation for them. Many durian farms in Malaysia offer guided tours, which could be a fun activity for the whole family. Add this to your travel bucket list! 

Meanwhile, if travel is not an option, you could always visit your local durian seller to chat with them and learn about durian. Some have been in the business for decades and have a wealth of knowledge to share. If you’re interested in learning more about durians, you can always reach out to us at Kungfu Durian — we welcome all enquiries!


Posted on

July 2, 2021